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                                      Brightstone Ragdolls introduce its Solid Winter White Program.


                                                       THIS IS BUDDY OUR FOUNDATION BLUE EYED WHITE SOLID RAGDOLL MALE

                                                      HE IS MASKING THE BLUE POINT COLOR AND HE IS A COLOR POINT RAGDOLL.

                                                                                               BUDDY IS HCM Negative


Our Winter white line is developing into a beautiful addition to the Brightstone Ragdoll Family. We are genetically selecting only color point Ragdolls that also have the White Gene; so as to not create any deaf blue eyed cats.  Since our Blue Eyed White Ragdolls are masking either the blue or seal color and have the point pattern; they are truly real and rare Ragdolls.  Our program is now into our third generation and will soon be perfected as Buddy's grandson Gus takes over the reigns of our Winter White Program. Stay tuned.        


We currently have a very small program with only a few kittens available.

If you are interested in owning EITHER A PET OR BREEDER Rare White Ragdoll please call us 516 599 1708 or email us. Email


                 Below you will find some pictures of Buddy's Offspring


                          Brightstone Nights in White Satin


Boo is about 10 months old in this picture. Thanks to Cori for taking such good care of him.


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